Game Logic in the TV Series The Walking Dead: On Transmedial Plot Structures and Character Layouts

The Walking Dead series 2 were being promoted everywhere.

Maren Lickhardt

Published Online: 2017-12-07 | DOI:


This paper discusses plot structures and characters of the The Walking Dead TV series which can be traced back to the influence of computer games and gameplay. It shall prove that the series’ narration as a transmedial phenomenon is characterised by ludic logic, although interactive aspects are omitted due to the intermedial change from games to a TV series. The characters’ twin layout as both civilised and archaic, the permanent necessity to make live-or-death decisions, as well as the struggle for survival, simulate aspects of adventure games in particular. The long duration of the series and its repetitive structure rely on PC gamers’ habits.

Keywords: convergence culturezombiesgame studiesadventure gamesintermediality

Featured Image Credits: Ewen Roberts, Walking Dead  truck, July 21, 2011 |  © Courtesy of Flickr


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