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Workers in Arms, Mural, Coit Tower, Sam Francisco, CA, USA, January 6, 2009 | © Courtesy of Thomas Hawk/Flickr.

Marx and Lacan’s Perspectives on Economic Factors, Collective Consciousness and Political Developments in the United States

The article by Claudia Leeb, entitled “Mystified Consciousness: Rethinking the Rise of the Far Right with Marx and Lacan” and published in Open Cultural Studies on November 10, 2018, uses the theory of psychoanalysis...

SALE at H&M Store, Broadway, Times Square, NYC, NY, USA, July 30, 2018 | © Courtesy of Will Buckner/Flickr.

New Article: Disposal and Reinvention: Citizenship in an Era of Electronic Capitalism

Néstor García Canclini Published Online: 2018-11-20 | DOI: Abstract Ever since the expansion of video-politics, television canalises citizens’ criticism and demands regarding political authorities, conceiving of citizens as spectators. Social networks magnify this...

In the news, London, UK, February 13, 2016 | © Courtesy of Dun.can/Flickr.

New Article: Mystified Consciousness: Rethinking the Rise of the Far Right with Marx and Lacan

Claudia Leeb Published Online: 2018-11-10 | DOI: Abstract This paper brings core concepts coined by Karl Marx in conversation with Jacques Lacan to analyse some of the mechanisms that have mystified subjects’ consciousness,...