Category: Marx, Semiotics and Political Praxis

Workers in Arms, Mural, Coit Tower, Sam Francisco, CA, USA, January 6, 2009 | © Courtesy of Thomas Hawk/Flickr.

Marx and Lacan’s Perspectives on Economic Factors, Collective Consciousness and Political Developments in the United States

The article by Claudia Leeb, entitled “Mystified Consciousness: Rethinking the Rise of the Far Right with Marx and Lacan” and published in Open Cultural Studies on November 10, 2018, uses the theory of psychoanalysis...

SALE at H&M Store, Broadway, Times Square, NYC, NY, USA, July 30, 2018 | © Courtesy of Will Buckner/Flickr.

New Article: Disposal and Reinvention: Citizenship in an Era of Electronic Capitalism

Néstor García Canclini Published Online: 2018-11-20 | DOI: Abstract Ever since the expansion of video-politics, television canalises citizens’ criticism and demands regarding political authorities, conceiving of citizens as spectators. Social networks magnify this...

In the news, London, UK, February 13, 2016 | © Courtesy of Dun.can/Flickr.

New Article: Mystified Consciousness: Rethinking the Rise of the Far Right with Marx and Lacan

Claudia Leeb Published Online: 2018-11-10 | DOI: Abstract This paper brings core concepts coined by Karl Marx in conversation with Jacques Lacan to analyse some of the mechanisms that have mystified subjects’ consciousness,...

Arte Urbano en el Mercado de Rojas Clemente en el Botánico, Valencia, Spain, September 16, 2017 | © Courtesy of Antonio Marín Segovia/Flickr.

New Article: Critical Theory and Semiotics: Contributions from Latin America to a Marxist Discussion

Stefan Gandler Published Online: 2018-08-25 | DOI: Abstract How is it possible to understand a specific cultural determination of human praxis, especially the productive and consumptive one, without falling into ethnologising human subjects...

Untitled Mosaic Mural, Roberto Burle Marx, 1991, Naples Botanical Gardens, Naples, Italy, May 13, 2014 | © Courtesy of JC Shamrock/Flickr.

New Article: Activating Temporalities: The Political Power of Artistic Time

Mieke Bal Published Online: 2018-07-18 | DOI: Abstract Inspired by Marx’ view of “untimely temporalities,” I connect my own conception of the need for anachronism in art history with some contemporary artworks focusing...

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