Monthly Archive: March 2018

Bronze sculptures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, the Cervantes Monument, the Plaza de España, Madrid, Spain, December 5, 2008 | © Courtesy of Jorge Láscar/Flickr.

The Refractions of Cervantes’ Fictional Figure of Don Quixote in Cinematic, Literary and Therapeutic Narratives Across Cultures

In this blog post, Juan de Dios Torralbo Caballero briefly introduces Multicultural Cervantes, a special issue of Open Cultural Studies published in 2017, based on his foreword, that examines the work of Miguel de...

L'exposition "The boat is leaking. The captain lied" (Fondation Prada, Venise), Venice, Italy, June 26, 2017 | © Courtesy of Jean-Pierre Dalbéra/Flickr.

Transdisciplinary Studies Show How Hybridity Crosses the Boundaries of Cultural Media

In a special issue of Open Cultural Studies entitled “Transmediating Culture(s)?” that appeared in 2017, Justyna Stępień and Beata Zawadka, as its guest editors, have brought together contributions from cinema, literary, visual, epistemological and...

psycheground skoocha 193, Sullivan Room, New York City, NY, USA, August 21, 2009 | © Courtesy of rei hardt/Flickr.

New Article: Reclaiming Melancholy by Emotion Tracking? Datafication of Emotions in Health Care and at the Workplace

Nina Janasik-Honkela Published Online: 2017-12-29 | DOI: Abstract Since the time between the world wars, the language of emotions has been dominated by the discourse of therapy, starting a style of emotional expression and...

New Article: Affective Iconoclasm-Codes of Labour as a Human Characteristic

Melissa Gronlund Published Online: 2017-12-29 | DOI: Abstract This text argues that a number of recent works of contemporary art have developed an anthropomorphised code to signal “humanness.” Primary within this code is representations of labour,...

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