Monthly Archive: August 2018

Summer holiday 2014, Berlin, Germany, June 15, 2014 | © Courtesy of Frans de Wit/Flickr.

Open Access in Cultural Studies

The essay will draw on Gary Hall’s proposal that Open Access can “represent an opportunity, a chance, a risk, for the (re)politicization—or, better, hyperpoliticization—of cultural studies” (Hall, 2008 p. 202) to see what implication...

New Article: The Futurism of Hip Hop: Space, Electro and Science Fiction in Rap

Adam de Paor-Evans Published Online: 2018-07-25 | DOI: Abstract In the early 1980s, an important facet of hip hop culture developed a style of music known as electro-rap, much of which carries narratives linked to science...

New Article: Bacon’s New Atlantis and the Fictional Origins of Organised Science

Peter Lucas Published Online: 2018-07-18 | DOI: Abstract It is a commonplace that science fiction draws inspiration from science fact. It is a less familiar thought – though still widely acknowledged – that science has sometimes...

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